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"So this is how it feels to be a rose"

(Grand Duke Sevenir I, 1568)

Grand Duke Sevenir and the Winter Gardens

Sevenir I inherited the throne in 1551, at the age of 21. His devotion to beauty soon gave him the nickname Herzogzy Butzknd ("Duke Buttercup"). It was under his rule that the Burg transformed from a brutal fortress to a true palace.
He had several architects being brought from Belgium and Italy, and was himself a talented gardener.
The western and eastern facades of the Burg were totally rebuilt, and all towers were fitted with lavish rooftops. He also commissioned the famous architect Nelz van Messer to build him a Winter Garden. The Garden was built behind the southern wall, Meerzk Wadn ("The Sea Wall") and also housed a smaller zoo with bears and other domestic animals.

Sevenir I ruled for another 12 years, but eventually his interest in gardening became his downfall. During an insurrection in 1568 he refused to command the Army into battle arguing that his roses "needed his attention". The Commander of the Royal Guard then pushed the poor Duke into the bear pit and seized power over the Burg.

Accordning to local folklore Sevenir's last words were "So this is how it feels to be a rose, cut and killed because of human vanity".