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Birth of a Stronghold

Oleg the Noseless choose the best possible place for a fortress, when he started the construction of the Burg in the late 1100's. Oleg was a ruthless Warlord, and he used his stronghold to keep control over the river.

We know very little of Oleg's original Wooden Fortress, and it seems that construction of the Stone Fort started almost immediately when the Burg was conquered by Schwartz Og ("Black Og) in 1246.
The first stone structure to be erected was the magnificent Central Tower, commonly known as "Dickzke Wrat" ("The Fat Anger").

In the early 1300's the Burg was conquered by Count Muskar, who later claimed the title Grand Duke of Scôz. In 1310 the Burg became the official residence of the Grand Dukes.

The map shows the Burg as it probably looked around 1310.