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A True Palace

The 1500's meant even more wealth for the Dukes of Scôz. The Burg was constantly rebuilt, extended and altered.

Grand Duke Oszkar II commissioned a new Central buidling, connected to the Old Central Tower. His son started the extension of the old North Wing, a project that was finished under the rule of Eberhardt I in 1531. This part also included the magnificent Herzozky Reiszer Hall ("Royal State Hall"), and a Chapel.

Ten years later, the Moats were demolished. Eberhardt was planning to extend the Castle to the West, but the plans were abandoned when he was killed in 1546 .

In the 1550's Grand Duke Sevenir rebuilt the Eastern and Western wings, and the old Burg was reborn as a true Renaissance Palace. His famous Winter Gardens were designed by Nelz van Messer, and were much admired by the entire country.