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A Palace Reborn

The early 1600's were violent years. The Burg was under siege more than once, and the old fortress was badly damaged by artillery. For many years the venerable fortress was referred to as "Altze Käsze" ("The old cheese").

In 1654 Grand Duke Wulff started to rebuild the damaged parts of the castle. The Southern Tower was torn down, together with much of the old rampages. But it was his son, the legendary Grand Duke Ludwig who really reshaped the castle. Ludwig expanded the Burg to the southwest, with a magnificent baroque building. It was designed by the renowned architect Pier van Nozzle, and also included Ludwig's famous Art Gallery.

He also masterminded the enormous Palace Gardens. To make space for these Gardens, he had the entire population of the area arrested for treason, thus giving him the legal right to tear down their houses. Some 5000 people lost their homes, and the project gave him the nickname Scôzky Wanpfann ("The Madman of Scôz").